Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sending HTML Formatted Emails in SharePoint Designer Workflows

Hi All,

Did you ever faced the problem of emails sent using SPD 2010 showing html tags ?

This is the most common error if you are trying to add your own html tags in workflow's send email activity.

The workaround for this problem is:

1. Add Send Email activity in SPD 2010

2. Select the Send Email activity and click on Advanced Properties as shown below

3. Once you click on Advanced Properties, you will get a popup like this:

4. Here, as you see, you can add parameters like To Address, CC Address, BCC Address etc.

5. Select Body and Click on the button to the left of fx and insert your custom Html there and Publish the workflow

6. Now, the html tags will not be rendered in emails received !



  1. I think you mean select Body, no?

    1. Thank you TripWire. I have updated the post. Cheers !

  2. Thank you this really helped me alot

  3. Mystery solved, there's the BCC field....

  4. When I get the email, the body has extra spacing between paragraphs. Since this is coming from current item:body, how can I correct it?

  5. On point 6 - You meant "Now, the html tags will be rendered in emails received !"

  6. Extremely helpful, thank you!

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