Sunday, May 20, 2012

Limiting the Export Options for SQL Server Reports

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We had a requirement to have only few formats (MHTML, PDF and EXCEL) available for exporting the report data. By default, we have many options available for exporting the report data like MHTML, PDF, EXCEL,CSV, XML, TIFF, Word as shown below:

To limit these options, we need to edit the RSReportServer.config file. To find the location of this file, just search for RSReportServer.config in "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server".

Once this file is found, edit the file and search for <Render> tag. This is a XML structure which has various rendering formats as shown below:

Add the attribute Visible="false" for the format to be hidden. That's it !!! Now, we see only limited format options for report as shown below:


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