Sunday, December 16, 2012

Value does not fall with in expected range error with SPListItem

Hi All,

We got the below error while trying to retrieve list item data using SPListItem.

"Value does not fall with in expected range".

This happens only with few columns. We get this error while trying to get data from a lookup column.The list we are trying to get data from has 12 lookup columns. But SharePoint list by default can have only 8 lookup columns to be able to successfully queried. Of course, Farm administrators can query data with out any problem but for normal users, we get the above error.


1. Select the web application and click Resource Throttling

2. We have a setting called "List View Lookup Threshold". This is set to 8by default as shown below. 

3. We changed it to 13 since our list already has 12 lookup columns. After doing so, even normal users are able to query list without any problems.

Hope this helps some one.

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