Thursday, December 1, 2011

Windows Powershell Command Builder

Hello there,

Here is an useful tool from Microsoft called as "Windows Powershell Command Builder" which gives basic information about Powershell Commands. Thanks to my colleague for suggesting this tool :)

Windows Powershell Command Builder

There are two sections in this tool.

1. Verbs
2. Nouns

Verbs section contains all basic command names such as "Add", "Backup", "Install" etc.
Nouns section contains the target on which the verb acts. For example, Farm Solution, Sand box Solution, Site etc.

To use this tool, just drag one of the command in Verbs section and one of the command in Nouns section into Design Surface. Then, you will get a basic command. For example, Add-SPSolution etc.

Once you get the command, you can copy this command to Clipboard.

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