Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hidden SharePoint List - User Information

Hello Again,

There is a hidden list in SharePoint which stores the User Details like Name, Email, Login Name etc.

We can access this list using the URL:


Here, when ever a new user is added to the sharepoint site, firstly that user will be added to this list. Hence, we can consider this list as a resource of all users present in the site.

We can acess this list through object model as:

SPList hiddenUserList = SPContext.Current.Web.SiteUserInfoList; 

Note that this list contains the users which are deleted from Active Directory too. Hence, whenever we delete a user from SharePoint site, its actually a soft delete and that user details still exist in this hidden list.

SharePoint Rocks !!!


  1. Awesome!!! Thanks a lot for teh info.

  2. Hi
    you show here is put it the web application address and not the site collection address. is this only work for web application ? can you confirm that?



  3. some know how to display all columns with a excel list conection to SP ??